At Clean Streak, Inc., we understand the best way of advertising is by stepping up and proving our value in the cleaning industry. Our main source of advertising is by word of mouth. Here are a few of our customer testimonials of how Clean Streak is doing for their company.



The Clean Streak crew has exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond. Their integrity, professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. They always made time to accommodate our last minute cleaning request and consistently did a thorough job. The owner, Horace Adell, even came to our business and personally invited us to a customer appreciation barbecue. In the age of impersonal service, this community building gesture meant so much to us. We gladly recommend their services to anyone!


                                                                                                           Lauren Pelletier

                                                                                                           Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                           The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design

                                                                                                            A Regional Center of UNC Asheville






To future clients,

I could not be more pleased by the quality of service I have received from this company. They are thorough and always go above and beyond my expectations. They are a company of integrity and honesty. I also love that they only use green products that will not harm us or our environment. I would highly recommend them!


                                                                                                           Jamie Pace Edmonds

                                                                                                           Evolutions Salon






Clean Streak, Inc. has worked on many projects for me moving and cleaning my properties including water damage at my Home. I have been extremely pleased.


                                                                                                           Betty Donoho/ President

                                                                                                           Asheville Electric Company, Inc.







To whom it may concern:


            As a property manager for Carolina First Bank I am responsible for janitorial services for all bank facilities across the Western North Carolina area. Clean Streak has been providing these services for us for 7 years with excellent results. Horace takes ownership in the condition of each one of our properties and trains his staff personally to clean each branch thoroughly. If ever an issue arises, Horace addresses it quickly and makes sure it gets remedied to the customer’s satisfaction. It’ is nice to have Clean Streak as part of the Real Estate team helping us to provide a clean professional facility for our employees and customers to do business in. I am always confident that if I send Horace out to meet with a branch manager to address a concern, he will leave handle the situation in a delicate and professional manner.




                                                                                                      Derek F. Thomas

                                                                                                      Facilities Management Services

                                                                                                      102 South Main St. , Greenville , SC 29601

                                                                                                      p. 864.255.4911 / m.864.420.1320

                                                                                                      f. 864.298.6098








To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to recommend Clean Streak Inc. for the First Citizens’ Bank Customer Service Award.  Clean Streak Inc. is a janitorial business located in Mills River, NC.  Serving Hendersonville and the surrounding counties of western North Carolina, Clean Streak Inc. provides a quality cleaning service for both residential and commercial customers.


Clean Streak Inc. is owned and operated by Horace L. Adell, Jr.  From the first time you meet Mr. Adell, you know that customer service is his passion.  It’s this passion that has helped Clean Streak Inc. to constantly and consistently exceed their customer’s expectations.  Mr. Adell has recognized that every aspect of his business has an impact on customer service, not just those aspects that involve face-to-face customer contact.  This vision of outstanding customer service even affects the cleaning products he selects for his business.  For example, Mr. Adell was choosing environmentally green products before the “green movement” began.  Using products that are safe for consumers and the environment illustrates Clean Streak Inc.’s drive to go above and beyond customers’ expectations.  Clean Streak Inc. is the only janitorial service in western NC to have the honor of being Green Certified.


 Clean Streak Inc. believes quality service is essential to customer satisfaction.  This is why Mr. Adell personally trains his staff before they can even go out in the field and work at a job site.  By doing this, Mr. Adell ensures his staff is properly trained so that his vision of the company is represented in the best way possible.  Customers know that Mr. Adell will come to their business anytime if needed to perfect a job and meet their needs.


Mr. Adell’s service does not stop with his clients.  He is an active participant in several local organizations and community events.  Success is not only measured in a thriving business with great customer service, but also how one is viewed within the community.  Mr. Adell’s outgoing personality shines through within the first moments of meeting and talking with him.  I cannot think of any other company more deserving of this award of outstanding customer service than Mr. Adell’s Clean Streak Inc.




                                                                                                      Lee Love, Financial Services Officer

                                                                                                      First Citizens Bank

                                                                                                      (828) 890-8284




Mills River, NC

Clean Streak, Inc.  Coastal Division, Janitor Service, Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC