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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Developing a long-term relationship with your cleaning contractor is the best approach to assuring a win-win result for your facility. The advantage of having your cleaning contractor become familiar with your premises along with meeting your cleaning requirements will yield the best results over the long term.

Why we have been rated as one of the top rated commercial cleaning services in the Carolinas?

Having a clear understanding of why Clean Streak Inc. is your best choice is described in the following key points. We know that comparing companies based on price will not yield the results you expect. Take a look at the reasons below when comparing our company cornerstones to our competition! You will clearly see why we are considered the premier cleaning contractor in our business practices.

Got a Question?

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • Clean Streak Inc. is OSHA compliant. Clean Streak Inc. is well insured, paying worker’s compensation in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, particularly OSHA. If the contractor does not meet these basic requirements, you may be accepting an invisible liability if workers and/or tenants are ever harmed as a result of a cleaning accident.

  • Clean Streak Inc. guarantees performance. A cleaning contractor should be prepared to guarantee their work. You should request a written guarantee which states their commitment to performing according to the contract. A guarantee represents the contractor’s confidence in its ability to perform according to your expectations. We offer such a guarantee!

    Clean Streak Inc. screens and selects their crew. When regularly having people in your building at night, most of whom you do not know, you must rely on your contractor to use thorough screening processes in choosing their crew. Applicants with Clean Streak Inc. are notified upfront that a criminal history check will be performed.

  • Clean Streak Inc. thoroughly trains its cleaning crews. Training procedures for cleaning crews are a critical component when providing quality results. It is optimal when the training that is provided leads to an employee wanting to continue the career path as a cleaning professional. Helping our crews to develop more skills and confidence is our objective. We are committed to training; not only in the production process, but in equipment, chemicals, products, and a wide range of other systems.

    Clean Streak Inc. recognizes excellence. We believe that motivating our employees to strive for excellence is important and you can participate by answering our surveys. Clean Streak Inc. has created a program of presenting employees of the month and yearly awards. We find that motivating and recognizing our crew reduces turnover and creates a loyal team.

    Clean Streak Inc. provides uniformed crew members for security identification. Our cleaning crews access every part of your building and we make sure that they are identified as such. Security of your premises when we are on the job is a key priority with Clean Streak Inc. This is especially true in multi-tenant facilities.

  • Clean Streak Inc. provides a performance rating system to our customers. We have a system in place for effective communication with you. Good communication involves rating our service using an inspection system with which you can grade our performance over a specified period of time. We also maintain a cleaning supervision plan to guarantee that we are providing the service you expect.

    Clean Streak Inc. adheres to an environmental policy with regulated waste disposal. A good environmental policy is essential to our company. Clean Streak Inc. is prepared to dispose of regulated waste and we understand the criteria for setting up a recycling program for your company. While you may not be required to have a recycling program in place today, at some point, you may be required to implement one.

  • Clean Streak provides cleaning specifications for your company. We are committed to giving you a quality service and will make sure that you receive a written detail identifying exactly what we and you specify as quality services, the costs involved and time clearly identified.

We invite you to contact us for a professional evaluation of your requirements and how Clean Streak Inc. can exceed your expectations.